Home Alone Professional Pet Sitting of The Woodlands, TX.

​​​  We accept check, cash, PayPal,

  Chase Quick Pay and  Zele.

Lock Out Service:  Offered to our regular clients, whose key we keep on file.  Only $17.00!  Lots cheaper than a locksmith.

  • ​​​​ SPECIAL OFFER!   $17.00! 

  • Our "Daily Doggie Walk" is offered on week-days only between 11AM and 2PM for pet parents who work long hours.   This is a 20 minute potty-break, with no feeding - just a walk or playtime in the yard.... 

  • ​This special rate is limited to one visit per day and does not apply to trips...it is just for a week-day break if you are shopping or at work.

Please understand that reservations are made to plan our pet sitters' availability. 

Clients returning home early will be required to pay for the reserved amount of time booked, as we often turn down others to schedule your trips.  No credits or refunds will be offered as you are buying the time.

  • House check with no pets:   we get your mail and newspapers - check house, adjust lights.

       Only $17.00 

  • If you request a key pick up/drop off, there will be a $5.00 charge each trip.

 We charge a $10.00 per DAY Holiday surcharge on Christmas Eve,  Christmas Day,  Thanksgiving weekend,  New Year's Eve,  New Year's Day, Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend,  Easter weekend, and the 4th of July Holiday ...There is a 25% cancellation fee if you cancel within one week of these Holidays.

  • $20.00 per visit:  We do not charge extra if you have multiple pets!  We do not charge extra for walks!

  • A visit is approximately 30 to 40 minutes long.

  • (The cost will be more per visit if outside the normal area to cover gas and extra driving time).


  •  If you are combining pets from another family into the pet sitting job, you will be charged from $1 to $5 extra per visit - in fairness to your pet sitter.