Home Alone Professional Pet Sitting of The Woodlands, TX.

Frequently Asked Questions......

1.  Is there a charge for meeting the pet sitter?   No, the Meet 'n Greet is complimentary.  If you request an additional meeting for your sitter ( ie: to have her come by to meet a new pet, or review a new alarm system), there is a $17 fee to cover her time and her gas.

2.  Will I get an invoice?   No, I tell you the amount due when you make your reservation and you give a check, or cash to the sitter at the Meet 'n Greet.  We also accept clearXchange, Chase Quikpay and Paypal.  

3.  Do my pets need extra shots?   Not at all.  We do require that they are current on rabies shots, but that is all. 

4.  Can I get text updates?   We each leave a Daily Diary telling about each visit!  If you ask your sitter, she will be happy to make special arrangements with you for a daily  text.  The pet sitter will also give you her cell number, so that you can call to check on them.

5.  Does anyone else come into my house in my absence?   No. The pet sitter is the only one who will come into your home.  If the sitters work as a team, they will both have access, but you will have met both of them at the Meet 'n Greet.  No one enters your home that you have not met!  We attempt that you always have the same sitter.

6.  Can my relatives or a neighbor leave their pet with mine for the pet sitter to care for, with my pets?  Not unless we are told ahead of time and get the information on the pet.  An additional charge of $1 to $5 per visit, depending on circumstances, per additional pet is added, in fairness to the pet sitter.

7.  How do a make a reservation?  ALL reservations go through me (Jan Barr) via calling or emailing me.  You only contact your pet sitter to check on your pets, or for a last minute change in your agenda, but all reservations must go through me.  Emails or a phone call is preferred to texting, as it is more reliable and I can save an email. 

8.  What if my pet has to go to the vet while in your care?  If you have an ill pet, or a Senior pet, I request the name and number of a close by friend or relative that we can call in case of emergency.  Our schedules are usually too busy to spend the hours needed to take a pet to the vet.  BUT, if an emergency arises, we will do whatever is necessary for your pet.  We always attempt to contact you first!

9.  Do you protect plants if a hurricane is coming?  No.  You should leave the name and number of a neighbor or relative to help out in that situation.

10.  Do you care for plants also?  Yes, we will water a few houseplants or patio plants at no extra charge.  But, if it is more than a few the pet sitter will have to add on a few $$ to cover the extra time.